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Archive | augustus, 2013

De Ware Wijze Ziet Met Gelijke Blik

Ondanks de beste bedoelingen zullen pogingen voor gelijkheid in deze wereld onvermijdelijk mislukken. Door: Hari Sauri Dasa De post-industriële wereld is internationaal en multicultureel. Gedachten kunnen worden gedeeld met de snelheid van het licht, communicatie tussen individuen of groepen waar dan ook ter wereld gebeurt gelijktijdig, en technologie overstijgt barrières die voorheen onneembaar waren. In […]

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The Lord’s merciful descent into this world

When we read about the descriptions of the spiritual world, we hear that its very nature is full of bliss, knowledge and eternity. Not only that! But the bliss experienced by Krsna and his intimate associates is ever increasing. When Lord Krsna looks at Srimati Radharani, He is overwhelmed by her beauty and thus becomes more […]

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Sri Balarama appearance

Wednesday 21 of August we celebrate the appearance of Balarama, the older Brother of Krishna, or the Embodyment of the spiritual mercy of Krishna which comes down to us as the spiritual Master. We start at 16:00 with a special Dinner Club. Meanwhile there are Bhajans, for two hours! At 18:00 we will read some […]

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Home program 20 August in Amterdam

We are happy to invite you to join us for the Nama-hatta program 20 August at 17.00 in Amterdam Zuidoost. During this evening we will experience the joy of chanting Hare Krishna, discuss Srila Prabhupada’s books together and learn more about Krishna consciousness in a warm home atmosphere. Krishna consciousness is so sublime that each individual can make […]

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Ratha Yatra Newsflash!

Amsterdam Rathayatra is this week Sunday 18th August 2013.  Please come and celebrate with us and invite all your friends and family too. We are very happy to welcome His Holiness Janananda Goswami at our Ratha Yatra. Like Dhananjaya Prabhu and  Madhava Prabhu, Maharaja will also take part in parade and the Kirtan Event on the Dam! We are […]

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Ratha Yatra Amsterdam

The countdown is running! Only two weeks before the biggest spiritual happening in Amsterdam will take place. Lord Jagannath will appear and with His grand ecstatic smile of transcendental love He’ll aglow the whole city. Hundreds of people will dance and sing for the Lord in the parade. It starts from the Temple in the […]

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